Les Gobelins

Genre: Rock

Hometown: London, UK


Ordered to live under the ground and never come out until darkness descended, the goblins had a bad reputation for mischief. They liked to have fun with human beings, because...who doesn’t?   They would listen to the conversations of people, of places, of politics and mock them. You hear that? They even envied humans - their lives, their disconnection, their greater stature. They wanted to grow to the height of them, they thought. But now...now the goblins grow tall. Taller than the men, the women and the children they had once envied. The world was getting small. And the people leading it? Even smaller.   Les Gobelins time is nigh. They are coming out of the darkness to reclaim the light. The name “Goblin” is said to derive from the Old French spelling “gobelin”. The word goblin derives from the Greek "kobalos" meaning - “rogue”.

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