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About our gigs and mission

We are a community of music lovers supporting independent music. We are reinventing how live music works.

We make it easier and more affordable for fans while making it more sustainable and rewarding for artists.

Featured Artists

  • Garden
    A Four-piece alt-rock band from the Midlands
  • The Hairèn
    A Blues-Core-Grunge-Funk-Punk band currently rocking around ...
  • San Raquel
    4 piece funk-rock band drawing influence from a wide range o...
  • Ed Geater
    Singer-songwriter and beatboxer Ed Geater, rhythmical dexter...
  • Issermann
    Issermann is Lyrically confronting his vulnerabilities with ...
  • Flat 26
    Flat 26 is a blend of the old and the new music.

Featured Venues

“We are a community of music lovers supporting independent music”

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